How to Make Your Home More Appealing

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We all know that creating the right space and mood for potential buyers to see our homes can have a large impact on the rate it sells and also quality of offers. The age old trick of putting cookies in the oven before having an open house doesn’t always work so having some options up your sleeve can really help. There’s some easy tips and tricks to not only make your house more appealing to buyers but also rapidly sell it:


Price your house right: Pricing your house appropriately can have a huge impact on the amount of buyers showing interest. “The most important thing you can do to speed a sale is to price your home right. After all, buyers have access to the same market data you do. If your asking price is out of whack for the neighborhood, they’ll move on to the house next door, (”


Clean: Performing a serious cleaning inside and out can have a huge effect on creating a space that buyers want to enter into. Wherever you fall on the cleaning spectrum you need seriously consider cleaning, staying tidy and eliminating the worse odors such as smoke and pet smells. “Dirty homes are not appealing to buyers, and at least some of the other homes you are competing with are certainly going to be clean. Depending on how bad things are, it may be worth the money to hire some professionals for a deep clean, (”  

De Clutter: Homes have a tendency to fill up over time, especially if there’s the room. We’ve all thought to ourselves “oh I may need this someday.” Clutter is not a good selling point for a home and can really have a detrimental effect onmaking spaces look smaller than they are. “If you have a significant amount of things with nowhere to put them, consider getting a storage unit for your stuff until the sale is complete and you have moved into your new home. And the garage, basement and attic are not appropriate places to store clutter, (”


Fix It Up: We’re big believers of making small changes within the current framework of your home to make a big impact on potential buyers. We offer a "hand's on" approach to preparing a home through minor renovations & carpentry skills, customized for each individual property. “Other repairs that should be completed include replacing burned-out light bulbs and broken light fixtures and blinds. Anything that squeaks should be oiled, such as door hinges and window fittings, (”

Overall you want your home to be showcased in the best way possible so potential buyers can see all the amazing selling points that you have to offer. By keeping your house de-cluttered, making small repairs and pricing it correctly can make a huge impact on how well your home is received. Contact us at the Scott Garman Group to find out more of our tips on making your house buyer-ready and how we can help you achieve that à