How to Hide Your Home’s Eye-Sores

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If you're like most people, your home has a few areas you’ve never quite gotten around to fixing up – and until now your family has just worked around it. But what if you’re thinking of selling or you want to obtain a home appraisal? Then it’s finally time to get those areas fixed up!

We’ve already done a post on home staging, which offers some great tips you should definitely keep in mind. But maybe you’re just looking for some extra simple suggestions for quick, easy, inexpensive fixes which will ensure your home presents a whole lot better to prospective buyers. Even your guests will appreciate these fixes!

Banish Your Bins

In this day and age, most of us have not only a trash bin in each room but a recycling bin. And in the kitchen, many have a compost bin as well!

These bins are all necessary, and you need easy access to them, but it’s not a great idea to have them visible when people are coming to view your home. You can create a space under your kitchen sink or in another cupboard for a cheap fix. Otherwise, invest in or build a specialized pull-out cabinet, which is easy to open and use yet completely hides your bins.

Control Your Clutter

When you pare down your home décor and remove everything that’s not essential, it’s not uncommon for some rooms to still look and feel cluttered and overwhelming. To keep things handy but out of sight, designate easily accessible drawers for everything you need access to daily. That way, nothing is sitting on your counter yet you know exactly where it is.

Conceal Your Cords

Clusters of cords hanging off a table, or along the wall behind an entertainment unit typically look quite messy and doesn’t fit in with many people’s home decor. Luckily, there are many ways to conceal these cords.

In home offices or even kitchens, you can install chargers in drawers. All your phones, tablets, and other rechargeable items can go in there and are out of sight, out of mind. You can do something about all the hanging cords you get with TVs and computers, too. There are many solutions out there from drop cloths you hang to small, stylish boxes to hold your cords.

Prep & Paint

Overall wear and tear of your home often mean your walls and floors tend to get a bit scuffed up. Patch any holes in the wall, paint over any scuffs, shampoo your carpets, and fix up any other issues you have.

But it’s not just the inside walls which suffer from wear and tear. The outside of your home can, too. Sometimes, all you need is a good power wash and window cleaning, but you may need to paint the outside as well.

And speaking of the outside of your home...

Check Your Curb Appeal

We’ve already done a full post on curb appeal (check it out here!), so we won’t go into too much detail. But you want the outside of your home to encourage people to see the inside of your home. Clean up your yard, trim those trees, fix your fences, and do any other necessary repairs.

If you can’t afford to paint the front door to your home, a well-hung wreath or some other door decor can hide most imperfections. Planting some bushes or flowers in large pots can help to mask other flaws around the outside of your home.

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