How To Deal With Problem Neighbours

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Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary. So, when your neighbours are doing something that disturbs your peace, it can quickly turn into an issue. Here are a few things you can do early on to prevent issues and restore the peace in your neighbourhood:

Get To Know Your Neighbours

We’re not saying you need to be best friends and host block parties with your neighbours but learning the names of the people who live around you can go a long way. When you say hi and discuss the weather for a few minutes, don't you want to know who you're talking to?

Neighbours who know each other generally have more respect for one another so (hopefully!) they'll think twice about doing something to bother you. As an added bonus, they're more likely to act if they see something suspicious happening on your property. If you've said a few friendly words to them in the past, poking your head over their fence to ask them to stop chainsawing wood at 8 am will usually be better received.

Head Off Any Issues

What if you are the one who's having someone over to chainsaw wood at 8 am and it’s unavoidable? Let your neighbours know a day or two in advance so they can plan to be up, or at least sleep with their windows closed. Giving them a heads up shows respect that is likely to be reciprocated.

Be Reasonable

You may not have kids, but chances are your neighbours do. They’re likely to play outside during the day — sometimes loudly. Teenagers may have their friends over to play hockey in their driveway and their music may sometimes get loud.  These are all annoyances, but you can’t blame kids for wanting to be kids. You may just have to plan to be out or play your own music during those Saturday afternoon hockey games.

However, no one's saying you must grin and bear a lot of noise! So, if the noise is constant and continuous, it’s time to talk to your neighbours, which brings us to…

Have A Conversation

Since you're already on friendly terms with your neighbours, casually but firmly bring up any issues you have. Suggest a compromise at the same time and be open to a counteroffer. Maybe you can ask your neighbour to mow their lawn at 10 am on Saturday instead of always at 8 am. You could even offer up your teenager to do it for them!

Perhaps they don’t know their tree has overgrown onto your property. Bring them over to your yard to show them how much your space is being impacted. You could offer to cover some of the cost of a tree trimmer or help your neighbour trim it back.

Document All Incidents

If you've spoken to your neighbour about the issue and they don’t seem to be doing anything about it, start documenting every date and time you're bothered. Detail every conversation you have with them as well. This will come in handy if you need to take further action.

Talk To Other Neighbours

It’s likely other residences on your street have been impacted by your neighbour's behaviour, too. Discuss with them if they've had any contact with those problematic neighbours and try banding together to approach them.

When All Else Fails...

Despite trying to be friendly and reasonable, sometimes, people just suck. You still have options, though. Contact your local municipality or police station to document your complaint and ask for advice on how to deal with your neighbours.

Luckily, people living in Victoria seem to be reasonable, and you should be fine in whatever neighbourhood you end up with. If you have any other questions or think it’s actually time to cut loose and move, please contact the best realtors in Victoria — The Garman Group.