How to Avoid These Common Moving Mistakes

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We bet you're feeling excited about moving into your new home. But we also bet that excitement is mixed with some dread around having to pack up and move everything.


We've seen many people move in our years of being MLS REALTORS® in Victoria — and we've seen a lot of mistakes which could easily have been avoided. So, here's our list of things to do before you start your move.


Moving Absolutely Everything That's In Your Home

One of the best parts of moving is that it gives you a chance to purge a lot of stuff you no longer want or need. There's no point moving things you don't need!


Go through your clothes, your kid's clothes, their toys — everything in your home. See what you can donate. There's no sense packing up and moving a bunch of old broken toys and mismatched Tupperware into your new home.


Not Measuring Your Furniture & Other Large Items

When you buy your new home, make sure you get the measurements of not only the rooms but the doors, hallways, and stairways.


If your furniture and other larger items won't fit into the home through the standard route, you may need to make other plans on how to get them in. Some people lift their furniture up through patio doors or larger windows. Otherwise, you may have to let go of some of your pieces.


Knowing this now will save you a lot of trouble on the day of your move.


Forgetting to Deal with Utilities

You'll need to call all your utility companies well in advance, especially if you plan to move out on the first of the month like so many others do. Be aware that some companies even require at least a month or two notice to make any changes. Make sure they're available to set up service at your new place and cancel service at your old home.


This way, you won't get stuck being billed for service at two locations, and you should experience little to no disruption in your service.


Not Labelling Anything

You're packing your favourites clothing in that cute red box you love, so of course, you won't forget where they are — right? But then when you need your clothes, it’s likely the last thing you’ll remember while you’re looking around at a sea of boxes.


And it's not enough to label things as “bedroom” and “kitchen,” either. Do you really want to open and root through 4 boxes before you find your coffee maker? It only takes a few extra seconds to scribble down the contents on the outside of the box, and it'll make your life much easier.


Not Giving Yourself Enough Time

We often see people who think they can pack up and organize a move in under a month. It can happen, but it usually comes along with several unnecessary stressors and other issues.


Start purging your home of unwanted and unneeded things as soon as you find out you're moving out. Book your movers and arrange for everything else you need as early as possible, too.


Take your time packing. Wrap and pack everything carefully instead of just throwing everything into a box. And as we mentioned above, you'll want to label the contents of every box and bag you pack.


Not Giving Yourself Time to Relax

If you make a plan in advance and follow all our advice, your move should go fairly smoothly. You shouldn't feel rushed, and you'll find unpacking is a lot simpler as well.

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