How Much Space Do I Really Need In a Home?

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You’re ready to buy your first home — congratulations! But one of the first things you’re going to need to know before you start working with your REALTOR®, and even before you start browsing through the MLS listings, is how much space you'll need. The MLS listings can make homes sound great with their extra rooms, but in order to truly figure out how much space you need, there are some things you should ask yourself:


Is My Family Going to Grow?

You can never predict the future, but if you're planning on having children or if your elderly parents are planning to move in with you in the next few years, you'll likely want to plan on buying a house which has enough bedrooms for everyone.

However, you must also think about your timeline. If your plans to start a family aren’t on the schedule for at least a few more years, is it really necessary to buy a six-bedroom house right now?


How Many Bathrooms Are Necessary?

A bathroom attached to every bedroom sounds nice, but honestly, that’s just more bathrooms to clean — and more plumbing issues which could occur! Yes, a larger family will likely want to have more than one bathroom, but some family members can probably share without much trouble.


How Much Stuff Do We Truly Have?

Visions of minimalism may be in your head, but if you’ve inherited your Grandmother’s large sofa set and bedroom furniture, you’re going to need some pretty major room to fit it all in. Same goes for if your furniture is on the sparse side. There’s no need to buy a large home unless you want to spend money to fill it.


Do I Need a Home Office?

You may be factoring in space to use as a home office – like an additional bedroom or a den – but do you really do all that much work at home? If you only use your desktop computer to pay bills once a month and play computer games from time to time, your computer can probably be tucked into the corner of your kitchen or bedroom. It may also be time to downsize to a laptop you can set up anywhere.


Do We Need a Large Kitchen?

Having a large kitchen seems great, but if you're someone who mostly orders in, you could settle for a smaller kitchen and a larger family room. On the other hand, if you’re known for your dinner parties and baked goods, it may be worth springing for that larger kitchen to gain a bit more counter space.


Is a Big Yard that Important?

If you've got kids, your kids will love running around that huge yard, and think of the entertaining you can do! It's also important to think about the time you will need to maintain it, though. Plus, factor in that it probably adds a bit more cost to the price of the home. Maybe it's super important to you or maybe your kids can make do with a smaller yard and visit the park down the street.


How Do I Find a Home That’s the Perfect Size for my Family?

A qualified REALTOR®, like those at the Garman Group, can help you narrow down your home needs and navigate through all the houses for sale on MLS. They can even show you ones that aren't even listed yet. We'll find the home that will work best for you and your family. Contact us today!