Have You Found Your Dream Home or Are You Wishing Too Hard?

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We see it all the time – and we understand – buying a home can be an overwhelming and scary process for many people. And with the Victoria housing market still a pretty hot commodity, you may not have too much time to think before you make an offer. You love the home you're looking at and know you have to jump before someone else does, but is this the home for you and your family? Here are a few ways to know if you are in fact looking at your dream home.

You Feel Happy Everywhere In and Around the Home

If you're in fact looking at a suitable home for you and your family, you should feel happy everywhere on the property and know that the neighbourhood is the right one for your family. This doesn’t mean that absolutely everything about the home is move-in ready. There will likely be some areas you'll need to do some easy home renovations. But if the backyard is swampy and you have no idea of how to start fixing that, or if the road in front is unsafe and full of potholes, you may need to take a deep breath and re-think your decision to make an offer.

The Home Hits All Your Needs

It’s common to have a long list of wants when it comes to what you're looking for in a home, and it’s nice to find a property that has at least a few of these. But what’s vital is that the home you end up buying has all the needs of you and your family.
Does it have the right number of bedrooms or a yard? Is it on a bus route or in an area that has good walkability? Do you have easy access to schools? Whatever is important to the lives of your family, these are all things that should be non-negotiable in your search. You may love the look of a home, but you'll likely resent buying it if your kids always need a ride somewhere or if you worry about their safety on the way to school. Keep looking until you find a home that fits the basic needs of your family.

You Can See Yourself in The Home

If you start to envision your furniture in the home or your family sitting in the kitchen and playing in the backyard, this may be the right home for you. Finding major potential in the home and getting excited about the thought of painting a few walls and doing some other easy home renovation projects points to possibly finding your dream home.

The Feeling You Get About This Home Is Different Than the Rest

You’ve likely looked at several other houses and knew they weren’t right or weren’t sure about them. But now this property is standing out and gives you a different feeling than the rest did. This is a huge sign that you may have found the one.

Let The Garman Group Help

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