Happy Holidays, From The Garman Group

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The Holiday season is almost upon us and it is hard to believe 2016 is coming to an end! We hope you and your family have had a wonderful year. We have had another successful year working with our clients, in this active and challenging real estate market. Year over year sales volume is up approximately 25%, while property listings are down almost 40%. We are experiencing the lowest level of listings in about 20 years. With sales numbers up and inventory down, lead by the continued low interest rates and strong interest from Mainland buyers, the strong upward pressure on pricing is not subsiding. The Home Price Index for both a single family house and a condo is up close to 20% year over year.
December is a time to celebrate the year that has gone by and make plans for the year ahead. What are your plans for 2017? Are you planning some repairs, a room remodelling, or a renovation of some kind? Remember - Mike has extensive construction experience and would be happy to provide guidance and answer any questions!
Have a wonderful Holiday Season!
Happy Holidays from the Garman Group