Get Your Garden Ready For Spring

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It’s that time of year again — spring! Time to get outside and start getting your yard and garden ready.

It doesn’t matter if you only have a small space on your deck, or if you have a large landscape where you can take on many projects, gardening is fun. Many people find it very relaxing and it’s a true joy to be able to pick flowers and eat vegetables that you grew yourself. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry. Read on and you’ll be enjoying your garden in no time.

Make Friends With Your Local Garden Store

Soil varies from area to area, sometimes even in the same town. Not only are the people who work at your local gardening store experts on all things garden-related, they also know what and how to plant based on your neighbourhood.

Choose Your Planting Area(s)

The most successful gardens need to be sheltered from the wind, receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight, and have adequate drainage. Make sure your area is either close to a water source (your hose or an automated sprinkler) or that you're able to get to it easily to hand water.

Do The Prep Work

Clean away all debris that has built up over the winter: leaves, branches etc. And if your yard isn’t fenced in, you’ll probably want to surround your planting areas with some sort of mesh wire or other type of small fencing. This will protect against critters getting into your garden. If you live in Victoria, BC, you’re especially prone to deer wanting to visit (and eat!) your plants.

You’ll need to buy or build planters/pots or clear out a surface in your yard. Check the soil in your garden or buy some to make sure it's suitable for what you want to plant and where.

We’ve found this great graphic from Rodale’s Organic Life which shows you how to test your soil to see if it's ready to work with:

Collect or purchase all the shovels, buckets, gloves and any other tools you're going to need. You may have some kicking around your garage or shed from last season in which case, give them a good clean as they could contain bacteria that could be introduced into your garden.

Pick Your Plants

Deciding what you want to plant in your garden is the most fun part! Do you want flowers, fruits, vegetables, or all of the above? If you already have your favourites, go ahead and start planting. But if you’re not sure what to plant, now's a great time for a conversation with your friends at the garden centre who can let you know what the best plants are for you and your neighbourhood.

Buying starters or small plants is probably the easiest way to start as the work is already done for you and you get a head start on your crop. If you start with seeds, this will allow you to start from scratch and see your garden grow from start to finish. Either way, make sure to pick up the appropriate organic fertilizer to nourish whatever you're growing.

The Garman Group Can Help!

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