Converting Your Garage into Living Space

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If you love your home but find you could use an additional room or two, you’re probably thinking of ways you can carve out some extra space. If you don’t use your garage or have it filled with useless junk, why not convert that into usable living space?

No matter if you want to use this extra space for a guest suite or to use it as an Airbnb rental, a garage is a great space to switch things up.

Now, we must mention that different municipalities have different rules and regulations around what you can do, so we highly recommend checking with your district office before you start planning. Rules can even vary depending on if you have an attached or a detached garage.

But once you get the go-ahead, here are some great tips to get it done right:


Think About Who Will Do It


If you and some friends or family have experience with construction and contracting, this may be a task you may want to take on yourself. However, you really need to know what you’re doing as you want it done right. Therefore, you should consider hiring professionals to do the work.

Hiring professionals will generally get the job done quicker, and they’ll follow all the safety regulations around the work. This paperwork will come in handy if your municipality requires you to have an inspection. Ask around for referrals from people you trust to ensure you get an ethical work crew who you feel comfortable working with.


Plan It Out


No matter who’s doing the work, you need to make a detailed plan before you start. Decide what you want to do with your space, and plan where you’d like to put things. You’ll likely need to plan in windows to meet regulations, and you may need to redo the floor and walls, too. Don’t forget about the garage door, either. You may need to either remove or secure it in some way.

Get some estimates for a few different options around not both your proposed floor plan and your flooring and drywall options. And if you’re going to put in extra wiring or a bathroom, look at where that’s possible in the space.

If you’re converting your garage into a suite that’s more suitable for an elderly relative, make sure the doorways are wide enough and level to accommodate their needs.


Look Into the Added Value to Your Home


In some areas, adding more usable floorspace will add value to your home — sometimes, substantial value. However, some people looking to buy a home may actually want a usable garage for storage and vehicles instead of an extra room. Your qualified real estate agent is a great resource to find out what’s trending in the real estate market now and what your best options are.

The Garman Group is always happy to help you weigh the pros and cons of converting your current home or looking for a different home that can better suit your needs. Contact us today with all your Victoria real estate questions!