Choosing the Right Neighbourhood to Fit Your Needs

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Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out what neighbourhood you should live in, especially if you’re new to the city. Victoria is loaded with fantastic neighbourhoods, but there’s no denying that some neighbourhoods are better for certain ages and interests than others are. You certainly don’t want to suffer from buyer’s remorse, so you’ll likely want to look at houses for sale in areas which meet your specific needs.


Are You Single & Love to Mingle?

If you’re into eating out every night and staying out late on weekends, then look to the urban centres. Living right downtown or in a surrounding area such as James Bay, North Park, Cook Street Village, or Vic West may be the best option for you. All are an easy walk into town where you’ll find everything you need, and you likely won’t even need to own a car.


Do You Work Downtown?

Although measures are being taken to fix commuter times, and transit is a totally valid option, living out on the West Shore or Peninsula means a longer commute time into town. If you work downtown but don’t want to live too close, consider areas that will reduce your commute. Oak Bay, Fairfield, James Bay, Esquimalt, Burnside and Uptown, are just a few areas you may want to consider looking at houses for sale.


Do You Have a Family?

Most neighbourhoods in Victoria are pretty darn family friendly, but some are a bit better for access to all levels of schooling and other children and family amenities. Gordon Head, Oak Bay, and the West Shore are a few neighbourhoods which have all levels of schools very close by, including preschools and daycares, as well as recreation centers.


Are You a Senior?

If you’re entering your golden years and want to live in an area close to a senior centre, and friendly people of your own demographic, consider looking at houses or condominiums for sale in an area such as Sidney, Oak Bay, or James Bay.


Do You Like Being a Part of a Vibrant Neighbourhood?

Each neighbourhood has its own unique appeal, but Fernwood, Oaklands, Cook Street Village, and James Bay are neighbourhoods where residents take extra special care to add a vibrant feel to their ‘hood with street art and unique festivals.


Are You a Shopper?

You’ll find grocery stores and other needed services close to you no matter where you live in Victoria. But if you like a large, unique variety of shops in your neighbourhood, Oak Bay and Sidney are areas that might intrigue you.


Do You Like a More Laid Back Pace?

Victoria itself is a more laid back city than a lot of others, but if you’re looking to get away from the bustle of downtown, consider looking at houses for sale out on the Peninsula. You’ll have everything you need and will rarely have to leave the area if you live in Sidney, Central Saanich, North Saanich, or Saanichton.

Sooke is another great laid back community where you’ll find everything you need, including some peace and quiet.

And if you’re looking for quiet without venturing so far from downtown, areas like Royal Oak and Cadboro Bay fit that bill nicely.


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We feel so lucky to live in Victoria, and we know that no matter which neighbourhood you end up in, you’ll be happy. Each part of the city offers something unique and wonderful. If you have any further questions or are ready to make a move, please contact the MLS REALTORS® with many years of experience living in, and buying and selling houses in Victoria — the Garman Group.