Choosing the Perfect Windows for Your Home

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Summertime is the best time to get new windows. It doesn’t matter if you’re undergoing an extensive home renovation, or if you’re just looking to replace your windows. You’ll want to get your new windows in well before the cold rain and winds of fall hit.


But there are so many different types of windows it can be hard to choose! So, we’re going to go over some of the more common types of windows you see in most homes these days.


Double-Hung Windows

These are easily the most common type of windows you’ll see in homes in Victoria. These windows have been around for ages and are a great style choice for most homes.


Double-hung windows are incredibly energy efficient. They offer incredible ventilation to your home and are fantastic for keeping the cold air from seeping in during our damp fall and winter seasons.


Since they are so popular, they are easy to maintain and easy to fix if something goes wrong.


Bay Windows

Bay windows are a great addition to any room because not only do they look great and offer a variety of views, but the design allows light to flow into your room from different angles. Plus, they create extra space in the rooms they're in. Many people use that space for a beautiful shelf or a cozy window seat.


As lovely as they are, bay windows may not be easy to install unless your room is already designed to include a bay window. These types of windows definitely require a more daunting home renovation to put in. And since they need to protrude out from your home, that may cut into your yard or your property line.


Picture Windows

Picture windows are fabulous if you have a great view you want to really enjoy. They incorporate a lot of glass, sometimes replacing an entire wall, and are often installed in rooms that have high ceilings.


Most picture windows don’t have panes or any panels which open, so they aren’t great for letting airflow into the room. But it also means the seals on the window will likely last longer.


There’s one more thing to keep in mind about picture windows. Unless you have custom-made curtains or other coverings, your room is going to heat up very quickly from all the light pouring in.


Awning Windows

Awning windows have a hinge at the top and swing out by using a latch or a crank. You’ll often see these types of windows above doors. They do offer excellent ventilation to your room.


These windows are easy to install and use, but they do have some downsides. Since they typically swing up, they tend to collect more dust and debris than any other type, which means you’ll have to clean them more. They also pose the risk of impeding a walkway if they're placed on the first floor.


And, unless they're installed higher up the wall, they can pose a safety hazard for small children or pets.


Casement Windows

Casement windows are usually seen above kitchen counters or in bathrooms. They're similar to awning windows since they come with a latch or a crank to open them, but casement windows generally open sideways instead of up.


These windows allow air to flow through the room, but like awning windows, the main drawback is that if you have them on a first floor, you may impede a walkway or pose a safety hazard by opening them.


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Most of these windows are easy to install and can be added to your current home. But what if you love bay windows but aren’t ready for a major home renovation? You may need to contact an MLS REALTOR® and scour the Victoria real estate market for a home which already has your dream windows.

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