Avoid Home Buyer’s Remorse With These Smart Tips

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Entering the Victoria real estate market can be a huge step for you and your family! Search through houses for sale, possible bidding wars, moving, and all the financial and legal paperwork that goes along with it can be stressful. But once you get settled, it's smooth sailing — usually. Occasionally, you may experience home buyer’s remorse, the feeling like you made a mistake in your purchase. You might continue to look through the MLS listings and think there's something better out there for you and your family.
However, if you're looking to avoid that dreaded feeling, we’ve got some great tips for you to follow. By the end of our blog, you can rest assured we'll put your worries to rest.

Do Your Research

We’ve already talked to you about things you should consider before buying a home and whether the neighbourhood you’re looking at is right for you. These are both important considerations you should think about before signing on the dotted line. Spend some time with the home you're intent on buying at different times of the day and evening, if possible. Make sure it fits all your needs. You may never find a home that fits all your wants, but this home should hit at least a few of them.

Don’t Let Anyone Talk You Into (Or Out Of) It

Usually, your extended family and friends mean well, but their own opinions may get in the way of how you actually feel about the home you're buying. This will be the home that you and your family will be living in so they really shouldn’t have a say. We can guarantee you that things have changed since your parents bought their first home so taking their advice can backfire.

Don’t Skip Any Inspections

Get your potential home checked out by professionals and take a look at all the disclosures from the seller. One way to have buyer’s remorse is to hurry into a sale, then find out you’re on the hook for some huge property repairs.

Be Careful About How Much You Spend

Some people find they get involved in a bidding war over a home they like and end up spending quite a bit more on the property than they had planned. This is a surefire way to feel remorse when the dust has settled. You may like the house but also feel resentment towards how much you had to spend. If you're still keen on coming out a winner in a bidding war, we give you the ins and outs of how to top the competition on our blog, too.

Hire A Qualified MLS Realtor®

By having an MLS Realtor® on your side during the house hunting and buying process, you're far more likely to have the process go smoothly.
At the Garman Group, we're confident in our knowledge of the Victoria real estate market. When you're ready to buy, we're there to help you. We'll walk you through the entire home buying process with determination and expertise. Contact us today so we can help you find the home of your dreams.