7 DIY Projects to Do with Reclaimed Wood

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If you have some old wooden crates lying around or a pallet from a delivery — don't throw them away! Many people have repurposed these "throwaway" pieces of wood into some fantastic pieces of art or useful items for their house. 

And now that you very likely have more time on your hands, it's time to collect up all that wood and make something special for your home. Here are some great ideas we've seen.


1. Plan for a Planter

Use that old crate as a raised planter for your herbs. Or take apart a pallet or two and build a few garden boxes to custom fit onto your deck or patio to use for planting veggies or beautiful flowers.


2. Set Up Some Shelves

If you need more space for your knickknacks, pull apart that pallet and repurpose the wood into some shallow shelves for your hallway or another small area. Simply buy or make some brackets — or reuse some other old materials such as pipes or rope to secure the shelves to the wall.

For a similar project, you can create a wine rack for your wall by adding in a few extra pieces of wood or other hardware to secure bottles on their side.


3. How About a Headboard?

Nail a few pallets together to make a beautiful, rustic-looking headboard. Or get a little more creative and re-build a whole new headboard using wood from different pallets of varying types and shades of wood. Stain or paint it to match or décor, or leave it to give your room a rustic touch.


4. Gear Up Your Garden Seating

Add an extra piece of wood or glass to the top of an upside-down wooden box and use it as an outside end table. Or reinforce the wood and add a cushion to make it an extra seat when you're entertaining outside.

And three or four pallets nailed on top of each other make a great coffee table for your garden — or inside your house.


5. Transform It Into a Serving Tray

Using a few pieces of wood, build a small tray table with short feet for writing or eating in bed. Or make one that will fit your bathtub's width to hold your cold drink or magazine while you soak.

6. Construct a Coffee Cup Holder

Hang a pallet or two on your wall and add a few hooks or nails to hang all your cups on. You'll be able to see all of your mugs at a glance, and it'll make a great piece of art for your wall.


7. Invent Amazing Art

There are endless options for how you can use reclaimed wood to create art! Use it to frame a mirror, picture, or chalkboard, create a vertical measuring tool for your kids, or use it as a canvas for you and your kids to paint on. Let your imagination go wild and use the reclaimed wood to create a unique piece of art for your wall! Visit Pinterest or YouTube for some more ideas or tutorials on how you can repurpose the wood you have.


We bet you're now pretty excited to start working with reclaimed wood! If you or your neighbours don't have enough wood, ask local businesses or put the word out on your social media channels to get some. From us at the Garman Group, we wish you happy creating and hope you continue to stay safe.