6 Signs It’s Time to Upsize Your Home

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You may love your current home and feel very comfortable there — but is it perhaps too comfortable? If you’re also feeling like there’s something that isn’t quite right about your home, it could mean that it's time to upsize. However, if you're not sure — here are a few signs to watch out for.

1. Your Family Is Growing

If your home is bursting at the seams already, you may feel a bit overwhelmed if you're soon expecting another child, or you’ve got another relative moving in. This is a big sign it’s time to upsize your home and can be an excellent opportunity to factor in what amenities your new additions may need, such as schools, parks, or community centres.

2. You’re Feeling Cramped

If you’ve already purged a bunch of your possessions and still feel like you need more room, or if you don’t feel like your furniture fits your home correctly, that’s another sign it’s time to upsize. Sometimes, it’s not about decluttering your home but simply upsizing into a house that fits all your prized treasures comfortably.

3. You're In Need of Home Renovations

If your current home needs a lot of repairs and home renovations, such as a bigger kitchen or new siding, then you may want to look for a larger property. Instead of doing all these costly repairs and extensive renovations, maybe you should simply move into a new property that suits all your needs.

4. You Have Different Needs

Maybe you bought your current home because you'd just moved to town, or you bought it to be close to your child’s school or downtown amenities. But it’s likely you no longer feel tied to that neighbourhood because you’re working at a different job, or you don’t frequent your local amenities as often. You may also be looking for a home with a garden or yard, and you may care more about having in-home laundry or a bigger kitchen. This is the perfect opportunity to upsize your home into one that has what you desire and is in a better-suited neighbourhood.

5. Your Home Was Your First Home

If your current home is the first one you've ever bought, it's understandable that you're attached to it. However, chances are you’ve outgrown it. Maybe it’s a condo or a smaller house, which works as an excellent starter home, but you’re likely ready to upsize into a larger home now that you’ve built up your home equity.


6. Your Finances Have Improved

As mentioned above, your current home has likely gone up in value, so you may be able to afford a larger house or one in a more desired neighbourhood. If your finances are in good shape, that’s the very best time to upsize.


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