5 Tips for Maintaining a Waterfront Property

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A waterfront property — it's the dream for those who love the gentle sound of tranquil waves and views of the ocean. Sounds idyllic, but what you may not know is that there's a lot more to maintaining a waterfront property than you might think. Here's what any potential owner should know:


Protect Your Doors & Windows

Minerals and salt build-up can occur in the tracks around doors and windows, causing rot, rust, and corrosion. Every few months, wash the tracks of your doors and windows with fresh water to clean off any salt and other types of build-up. Ensure you open and close them all every so often to loosen the hinges and keep them sliding correctly.

And if you're custom building your home or replacing windows or doors, choose aluminum or other impact-resistant windows. This material can best withstand the wear from rough weather, salt, and mineral build-up. Choosing impact-resistant windows will also help protect you against harsh UV rays, regulate indoor heat, and reduce outside noise.


Keep an Eye on Your Roof & Siding

Wind storms can be more severe when you live next to the water — and this can create loose shingles and tear small holes in your roof and/or siding. Fix any loose shingles or other damage you spot as soon as possible to prevent any leaks and further damage from occurring.


Keep Your Home Well Ventilated

Your waterfront home will likely be more prone to moisture build-up — especially in kitchens and bathrooms. And too much moisture build-up can cause mould, mildew, and dust mites growing in your home — not to mention peeling paint and drywall damage. Keep these areas well-ventilated by installing extra vents and add dehumidifiers to prevent dampness.

If you notice dampness is an issue in your home, you may want to apply a protective coating on your kitchen appliances. This coating can prevent them from rusting.


Maintain Your Deck

Wash your deck thoroughly — preferably with a power washer — at least a few times a year to remove any dirt and debris. Get rid of leaves as soon as possible to prevent them from weakening and discolouring the surface. You can apply a clear stain or other deck protectants to prevent moisture from rotting or discolouring the deck.  

If possible, move your deck furniture into safe storage or cover it when you're not using it. And give it all a good wash a few times a year to prevent salt build-up — but use a gentle cleanser appropriate for outdoor furniture to avoid fabric discolouring.


Secure Your Belongings

If you have beach access from your home, you'll likely want to secure your area with a fence and locked gate or make sure to bring all valuables inside.


With a little bit of maintenance and care, your waterfront property will reward you in so many ways. If you're interested in purchasing a waterfront property, Victoria is blessed with so many waterfront real estate options. Contact us at the Garman Group — we specialize in waterfront and luxury homes. We'd love to help you find your dream waterfront property.