2021 Home Design Trends to Give Your Home a Makeover

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Since most of us stayed at home a lot more during 2020 than most other years, we may be getting pretty tired of the décor we see around us. So, why not start 2021 off by giving your home an interior design makeover! We’ve got the heads up on home design trends for 2021 to provide you with some ideas.


Handmade & Restored Pieces

Since 2020 inspired so many people to indulge in DIY projects, a whole new interior design trend was created — the arts and crafts trend. Instead of buying all new furniture for your space, get creative and reuse your current furniture by painting it, changing up the hardware, or turning an old end table into a bookshelf.

If you must buy new pieces for your home, look to local creatives to purchase unique or custom-made furniture using reclaimed wood and other environmentally sourced materials.


Cottage Cozy

Memories of visiting the cottage are happy and make you think of fun and carefree times. So, recreating a cozy cottage vibe in your home will help to bring in that peaceful, comfortable feeling.

Think wooden accents, white, florals, cozy throws, lots of pillows, and anything else comfortable. Incorporate as much real greenery into your decor as you can to freshen the air and to bring the comforts of nature inside.


Ocean Inspired

Much like how cottage-inspired décor creates a feeling of nostalgia and relaxation, ocean-inspired décor creates a peaceful feeling within your home.

Paint the main room — or even a few rooms to create a flow within your home — and get accent pieces in a variety of blue tones reminiscent of the ocean. Decorate with beach glass, sand inspired pieces, and even flowers and tropical images to make your home as relaxing as laying on a beach.


Natural & Earthy

We figure you’re sensing a theme here. Decorating with natural and earthy tones is another excellent way to bring some much-needed comforts into your home.

Think light wood — not just on the walls, but on the ceilings and even the flooring throughout your home. Add in other neutral colours such as brown, dark green and grey (which happens to be one of the Pantone 2021 colours of the year. Adding in assorted greenery and wood pieces — even faux is fine — will create an extra special natural touch.



A lot of people spent 2020 de-cluttering and organizing their home. So, although cozy, comfortable, and peaceful is a popular theme that winds throughout all the 2021 decorating trends, rooms will still be kept uncluttered. Keep accessories to a minimum, give away or reuse extra furniture, and ensure that everything that’s on display has a place of its own.


We hope you have found some inspiration for a home interior design makeover. However, if your current home is no longer working for you, we’d be happy to help you find a new one. Please contact us at the Garman Group to list your home or to navigate the homes for sale to find the best one for you and your family.